What’s the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia?

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What's the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia?

Sonny’s Famous Steaks was named the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia by GQ Magazine. Sonny’s soft rolls, juicy fresh beef, provolone cheese and Cheez Whiz was reported as well integrated into the meat. GQ also praised its attentive service. Read the article here.

Is Sonny a real person?
He sure is. And he lives in all of our hearts. Next question.
Are you guys really the best Philly cheesesteak place?

Yes. A lot of people seem to think so. Just ask GQ. Or anyone else who has ever been to Sonny’s. Ever.

#1 Cheesesteak Fox

Sonny’s on Fox

I have a large group. Can we reserve your place for lunch?
You sure can! Please visit www.sonnyscheesesteaks.com/groups for more!
I went to this other place for a cheesesteak and they got really mad when I ordered wrong. How do I order?
However you’d like. You’re welcome to use the traditional Philly “wit” or “wit out” terms; or you can just tell us and we’ll help you. The Philly cheesesteak experience isn’t about how you order –– it’s about 100% angus beef and fresh Amoroso’s rolls. Duh.
Can we sit? Do you have bathrooms?
Isn’t it sad that this is a legitimate question? Our answer is: Yes! Of course! We have indoor seating that can accommodate large groups. We also have  men’s and women’s bathroom!
Some places have long lines. Is there a long line?
Sometimes the line looks really long. It’ll be out the door! But it moves super quickly. Shouldn’t be more than 10 minutes at its longest!
How convenient is Sonny's to historical sites in Philly?
So, so, very convenient! We are blocks from the Liberty Bell and the National Constitution Center. Check out how to find us here!
I have a question! May I ask it?

Sure can! You’re welcome to call us, e-mail us, or follow us on social media. We might even post your question here!

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